Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St Patrick a Green Saint?

St Patrick a Green Saint?

The Green Man’s 10 reasons St Patrick is an Environmentalist Saint:

1. The beer is green

2. They bike there

3. He didn’t just drive the snakes out of Ireland, he car-pooled.

4. Van Morrison’s version of "It’s Not Easy Being Green"

5. A four-leaf clover on a colleen’s lapel is prettier than a cloverleaf interchange on a freeway

6. Leprechauns leave a smaller carbon footprint

7. Blarney is a sustainable resource, unlike B.S., which emits methane gas as a by-product

8. A four-pack of Guinness will take you farther than a six-pack of Bud

9. U-2

10. You can power a lightbulb off a potato (we saw it in science class)


11. The beer is only green once a year