Monday, November 30, 2009

Hawaiian Hat Tree

Who needs to visit the milliner? In tropical Oahu, the environment supplies all our needs, including the craving for Carmen Miranda-influenced headgear such as this one, spotted on a proud local tree during its morning promenade.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Thanksgiving Nightmare

The Big Bird is on the runway... the passengers, who strangely resemble cubed carrots and celery sticks, grumble as a fat ol' giblet waddles down the aisle and attempts to wedge an oversized crouton into the overhead rib rack... "travel on this day is such a hassle," they think, just before the attendant shuts the door and the temperature rises sharply, uncomfortably...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Other People's Gardens

One of the greatest gifts is permission to gather from another person's garden. It's something that has happened to me, one way or another, all my life. In college way long ago, I joined my rock n roll band in a ramshackle Victorian in Santa Cruz one dreary winter. Come spring: voila, vegetables and flowers sprang up out of gray withered sedge, including apples, blackberries and a persimmon tree, plus a pomegratate bush that must have been planted 50 years before. This year, on an island in France, a tough-hewn guy swung out of his truck cab as he drove out of our village and dropped a sack of vegetables on our stoop. "Use the garden!" he shouted (in French). I wandered around later that day and ducked under a stunted apple tree to find 40 square feet of intensive local agriculture. Gathered up the day's meal (see photo) and for two weeks after, too. So here's to gardeners, and to gardens that keep on giving. Bon Appetit!