Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do One Green Thing's Mindy Pennybacker: "N0 MORE SHARK FIN SOUP!"

At the Honolulu Book Festival, author Mindy Pennybacker, aka My Green Goddess, got a chance to strut her stuff. Shark fin fisheries kicked off the riff, but there's a nice overview of the power of the consumer to drive green change.

As we all know, for years big pompous people said that small people didn't make a difference. The Green Man even heard a few big pompous green people -- Bill McKibben and Michael Pollan, anyone? -- turn up their noses at the idea of consumers making a difference. Look at the titles of their recent books and you'll see they've changed their tunes. Great writers, both men, but they got caught up in their own hype.

Keep drivin' the change, folks. Everytime someone tells you that conserving water, gas, air or resources is a waste of time (and let's all go nuclear instead!) look them in the eye and say: "You're the problem. I'm the solution. Now get out of our way while we change the world."

Yeah, the Green Man used to be a rabble-rouser in his youth. He still is. Young, that is.